Our Story

Who is “Kent” you ask? 

Kent was the original owner of the nursery and supplied Whatcom County landscapes with trees and shrubs for over 30 years. Ginny Crump and Nancy Henshaw purchased the nursery in 1999 and quickly expanded the plant selection and changed the nursery from a bread and butter operation to a very diversified nursery offering annuals, perennials, berries, fruit trees, and vegetables.  They have created a destination atmosphere that inspires just from wandering their lush green 5 acres.  Even if you don’t have intent to buy!

Nancy grew up in Whatcom County and has lived here most of her life.  She started working at Kent’s as a filler between jobs and quickly realized  she was quite passionate about the plant kingdom.  She finds that nurturing plants and working in the soil speaks to her soul.  She truly loves her work and enjoys sharing knowledge with customers.

Ginny grew up in Skagit county and has lived in Whatcom county for 45 years.  Ginny went through multiple careers before settling on the one that truly fuels her passion for plants and helping others.  She started her own Landscaping and Design Company where she met Nancy.

Then Nancy and Ginny started an off-site wholesale nursery which inspired them both to buy Kent’s Garden and Nursery.

And Here we are today:  Nancy and Ginny both have very strong values and beliefs. They believe in treating others with compassion and kindness which reflects clearly in their daily business practices.  They love to laugh with customers and their team of employees hence the saying:  WE HAVE SERIOUS FUN!